Changes have been taking place in the Vernon Town Clerk’s office. Long time Assistant Clerk Aina Lindquist has decided to retire, and her co workers, held a pot luck lunch in her honor on May 11. The town has hired Dianne Howard as the new Assistant, and she’ll be in the office 20 hours a week. Please stop in and say hello to Dianne.

The Town Clerk’s office has also embarked on an electronic records project, with the assistance of the New England Municipal Resource Center, also known as NEMRC. The goal, according to Town Clerk Tim Arsenault, is to provide electronic access to all the town’s land records. A majority of the records have been digitized over the years, but the NEMRC system has put them all into a similar format, and integrated them with our existing index. Accessing the records electronically will help preserve the tens of thousands of deeds and mortgages in the town’s  vaults which cannot be replaced, and which degrade quicker when examined by the many researchers which visit the office. The process is ongoing, and records are being scanned into the system within the office’s existing work load. The system goes live on June 1.