There will be a town election on July 18, with voting from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., on the question of whether to withdraw from BUHS District No. 6. The Vernon School Board recommends a YES vote, and has prepared the following Q&A about the issues.

There will also be informational meetings held on Monday, July 10 and Monday July 17, at 6 p.m. in the Vernon Elementary School Cafetorium, where the issue will be explained and questions answered. Early voting is available at the Town Clerk’s office which is open Mon.-Thurs. 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

What are we voting on?

On Tuesday, July 18th, the town of Vernon will vote to decide if we should withdraw from BUHS District No. 6. The ballot question is worded as follows:

Shall the Vernon Town School District, a member of Brattleboro Union High School District #6, vote to withdraw from the Brattleboro Union High School District pursuant to the provisions of 16 V.S.A. subsection 721 a, as amended by Section 5 of S.122, approved by the 2017 session of the Vermont General Assembly.

Didn’t we already vote to withdraw?

Yes! Back in August of 2016 the town voted to leave the district by an overwhelming margin of 374 to 124, however one other member town voted against our withdrawal, so we remain part of the district. Recently passed legislation now allows Vernon the ability to vote ourselves out, and no longer requires the other member towns to do so.

What does each vote mean?

A “YES” vote means that Vernon will be able to leave the district, remain independent with the option to join with another district later, and continue our long history of school choice for our 7th – 12th graders.

A “NO” vote means that Vernon will stay in the district and be part of the Act 46 merger that is currently under debate. Act 46 as currently written, does not have a process for a town to remove itself from a new unified district — so once we are in, we are in — and we lose School Choice for our 7 – 12th graders.

What happens next if we vote to leave the district?

We continue to:

  • Own our school building and property, and continue to have the school building as a community resource.
  • Have school choice for our middle and high school students.
  • Have a School Board elected by the voters of Vernon
  • Control the Vernon Elementary School Budget
  • Make staffing and administrative decisions in the best interests of our students.
  • Have a close working relationship with the town.

Can I contact a member of the School Board with questions?

Yes, feel free, here are their phone numbers and email addresses: