Recycling Committee — The Vernon Recycling Committee is seeking members. Join us in exploring recycling, trash and composting. Contact Michelle Pong, Town Administrator at or 802-257-0292. We are looking forward to having you on the Recycling Committee.                 —Heather Frost, Peg Frost and Bob Spencer

Fiber Optics Subcommittee — The Fiber Optics Sub-committee is a sub-committee of the Vernon Planning and Economic Development Commission. The Fiber Optics Sub-committee was organized to bring a fiber optics network to Vernon in order to prepare the town for future broadband needs, enhance the town’s economy, raise property values, and encourage businesses to locate in the town. The project is seen not only as adding value to Vernon, but as a template for other towns as they prepare for the 21st century economy. We believe that this project will also provide area jobs in the implementation and servicing of the new network. Please contact Bronna Zlochiver at or 802-579-1567 if you are interested in joining the Fiber Optics Sub-committee.