At its organizational meeting following the election on Tuesday, March 7, the Vernon Selectboard:

  • Elected Josh Unruh as its Chair
  • Elected Sandra Harris as Vice Chair
  • Elected Steven Skibniowsky as Clerk
  • Established as its meeting the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m.
  • Designated as its recording secretary Michelle Millerick
  • Elected as Fence Viewers: Michael Ball, Annette Roydon, Thomas Rappaport
  • Designated as Pound Keeper: Windham County Humane Society
  • Elected as Inspectors of Lumber, Shingles and Wood: Annette Roydon, Christiane Howe
  • Elected as Weighers of Coal: Annette Roydon, Christiane Howe
  • Elected as Tree Wardens: Roland Walker, Annette Roydon
  • Invited interested parties to submit letters of interest for election as Grand Juror and Town Agent, by March 17.

(Updated 3/8/2017 to mention the election of Sandra Harris as vice-chair.)