Please feel free to contact any committee member regarding issues or questions concerning Pay-as-you-Throw waste disposal, composting, or recycling.

Where to buy Pay-as-you-Throw trash bags:

  • Town Clerk’s office
  • Vernon Library
  • Vernon Treasurer’s Office
  • Vernon Recreation Department
  • Guilford Store

Bags are priced at $5.00 per bag for large (30 gallons, will hold approx. 35 pounds), $4.00 per bag for small (15 gallons, will hold approximately 20 pounds); $25.00 per roll of large bags and $20.00 per roll for small bags.

Tips to reduce your Pay-as-you-Throw bag costs:

Maximize your recycling and composting! Keep in mind:

  • Lids are recyclable the same as plastic and class containers
  • Plastic food containers like deli containers are recyclable
  • All clean paper and cardboard is recyclable
  • If you don’t compost at home, compost can be delivered to the container at the town garage (available 24/7)
  • Tissues and paper towels, yard waste, kitty litter and all food scraps are compostable (but, no yard waste in the town recycling center compost Dumpster)
  • Clean plastic shopping bags, vegetable bags and other forms of sheet plastic like dry cleaning bags are recyclable at supermarkets

What’s recyclable (click to enlarge):

Recycling chart 2016

 What’s compostable? (click to enlarge):

 project c.o.w. poster

New Sure-Close Containers Available for Composting

You can pick up spiffy, new plastic Sure-Close containers for counter top composting collection at the Town Clerk’s office for $10 each or at the WSWMD station on Old Ferry Road in Brattleboro. These containers are easy to fill, carry, empty, and clean as well as being designed to reduce composting odor. Stop by the Town Clerk’s office to pick up one for your home.

Recycling information

What can I do with it? An A-Z guide from the Windham Solid Waste Management District

Trash Pickup:

Happens on Thursdays in Vernon. In the case of Thursday holidays, pickup is on Friday instead.

Pay As You Throw in Vernon

In 2013, Vernon residents voted to implement a Pay As You Throw system for the town’s residential trash service. This was done one year prior to the requirements of Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law of 2012, in order to begin the budget trimming process to compensate for the loss of tax revenue due to the closure of Vermont Yankee.

The Recycling Committee accomplished this huge undertaking in a very short time frame. Members of the committee spoke with residents, met with our trash hauler, researched bag options and put bid specifications together which were sent to several vendors. Research was done on recycling options, single stream vs dual stream, calculations were made trying to fnd a cost per bag that would offset the town’s trash expenses of $140,000 per year.

The bright green trash bags feature a logo of George’s Mill which was designed by Heather Frost and imprinted on all of the trash bags and recycling bins. Once all of this was completed, the public education phase began. Several mailings were sent to all residents, one of which included a free bag, recycling bins were distributed by Triple T Trucking and a largely attended public forum was held.

By July 4, 2014 we were ready to go and the results of what happened next were beyond any of our wildest expectations! Prior to Pay As You Throw, Vernon’ s average weekly trash tonnage was 15.25 tons. For the first six months of the program, Vernon’s average trash generation has dropped to 6.4 tons per week which is a 58% decrease!

With such a large decrease, Triple T offered to pick up curbside recycling weekly instead of bi-weekly for all residents, at no additional charge to the town. Thank you Triple T! This has averaged 2.3 tons of single stream recyclable goods picked up curbside per week.

Despite having curbside recycling, Windham Solid Waste Management’s recycling bins at the Town garage are flled each week as well which have been generating an additional 2.3 tons per week. Finally, we added a second bin for our Project COW (composting organic waste) program which has diverted almost another ½ ton per week from our waste stream.

This brings the total tons of recycling per week to almost 6 tons, about the same total tons of trash collected each week! This gives Vernon a recycling rate of 44 Percent! The results of this switch have been amazing so far and we would like to thank the residents of Vernon, Triple T and Windham Solid Waste Management District for making this happen. Many municipalities are watching Vernon as we were the frst to act on the changes required by Act 148 and we have risen to the challenge! There is still much work to be done but we are well on our way!