Hello world, Vernon is back online!

This unofficial town website is run by volunteers, and you can help! We need people who can:

  • Report on town meetings and events
  • Help post agendas, warnings and meeting minutes
  • Keep our directory pages up-to-date and complete
  • Maintain listings in our calendar of events
  • Help out on the tech side of the website

Interested? Contact Bronna Zlochiver (bronna.zlochiver@gmail.com) or Martin Langeveld (newsafternewspapers@gmail.com), founders of this website.

We request town boards and committees to send us minutes, agendas and warnings for posting on this site, and we invite clubs, organizations and businesses to send us news and event information.

We can also use financial support to pay for the costs of maintaining the site — if you have a business and want to place an ad on the site, please be in touch.

We would like to stress that, as it says on every page, this site is not the official Town of Vernon website, which was taken offline in 2014. Therefore, NOTHING posted on this site serves is an official Town of Vernon communication. Notices of meetings posted here do NOT constitute legal warnings nor does anything else on this site fulfill ANY legal requirements.