The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains, Vernon Troop 40907, with girls from Guilford and Vernon, would like to thank the townspeople for their help in collecting items to be placed in foster care kits for the many children who are coming into the system this fall. We have purchased bags and are learning to make “no sew blankets” to put in them for younger children who are taken into the foster care system. We have learned that in the fall many new babies will be taken into care. With that in mind, we are looking for items to meet the needs of infants 3-6 months old. Suggestions are small packages of disposable diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bottles, baby wash cloths, and baby wash as well as sleepers 3-6 months. These things allow the foster family to care for the child for the first 24 hours until they can get to the store to purchase what is needed. Again, the Girl Scouts appreciate the help in this ongoing project to meet the needs of these children. Your donations help to make a difficult transition much easier for the child and the foster family.

The Girl Scouts have been busy ending the year in September with a ceremony and beginning a new year in October. During our end-of-the-year ceremony, several girls moved levels and received their next level pin. This is called a bridging ceremony, and our girls are lucky enough to be able to cross a wooden bridge made by Girl Scouts in Vernon over 20 years ago. Kamryn Hansen, Hailey Bristol, and Eliana Gantt bridged from Daisies to Brownies, and Mia Fowler-Shaw and Danielle Walker bridged from Brownies to Juniors.

To begin our new year, we met with girls from the towns of Bellows Falls, Townshend, Brattleboro, and Hinsdale, NH, at the Vernon Recreation Area for an afternoon of fun. We learned some basic first aid and made our own personal first aid kit, practiced origami, and made paper bag puppets and musical instruments. With the help of older Girl Scouts from Hinsdale, we played games and sang songs.

We are continuing to create foster care kits and have learned to make “no sew blankets”, which we put in each kit so that each child will have their very own blanket. We appreciate all that has been donated by the towns of Vernon and Guilford and have been able to create 6 kits thus far. We are in need of children’s toothbrushes and pajamas sizes 4-6 as we continue this project.