The Vernon Historians, together with the Vernon Voters Alliance, received enthusiastic permission from the owners of the telephone poles in town to install and “Fly American Flags” in Vernon. Volunteers installed the flags in time to honor Memorial Day. Many of the flags and poles used for the past two years had to be discarded due to wear and damage, therefore, new flags were ordered. These are a sturdier version with spinner poles with the hope that it will help the tangling issue with the previous flags.

We hope to keep this tradition going each year., therefore, we are soliciting donations to help cover the cost. Donations can be made to the Vernon Historians, Inc., marked as “Flag Project” and mailed to: Vernon Historians, 567 Governor Hunt Road, Vernon, Vermont 05354.

We also need volunteers to help install and remove the flags each year. Please e-mail Dale Gassett, at, if you would like to volunteer.

Thank you,
Vernon Historians, Inc.
Vernon Voters Alliance