By Tim Arsenault, Town Clerk

One of the duties of a Town Clerk is to license dogs, and that means ALL dogs six months of age or over. If you purchase a dog anytime during the year, Vermont state law says the dog needs to be licensed once it becomes six months old.  A valid rabies certificate is needed at the time of licensing. In recent weeks, I’ve gotten the vaccination updates from a number of area veterinarians, and  I’ve found a few dogs that were vaccinated, but not yet licensed. If you have not gotten a call about that, it’s coming.

If your dog has passed away during the year, please contact our office and let us know. A simple phone call or a note in the mail saves both of us the added angst of letters and phone calls to the owners of unlicensed dogs next year.

If you ever have any questions about what is required under the law, Please call our office at 257-0292, extension 12, or email