Goodbye, recycling bins at the Town Garage; hello, weekly residential recycling curbside pickup

According to word from the Solid Waste Committee, the Windham Solid Waste recycling bins at the Town Highway Department will be removed the week of June 26. The compost bin for food waste will remain in place, as will the PlanetAid donation boxes.

And, beginning on July 6, residential recycling will be picked up curbside every week throughout Vernon, rather than every other week, on Thursdays as usual, along with household trash.

Recycling bins are available for purchase at the Town Clerk’s office for $13.00. These are the green bins that were distributed to every home when curbside recycling began. (These are not strictly required — any similar bin will do.)

Official green town trash bags are available at the Clerk’s office as well. Bags are priced at $3.50 per bag for large (30 gallons, will hold approx. 35 pounds), $2.50 per bag for small (15 gallons, will hold approximately 20 pounds); $17.50 per roll of large bags and $12.50 per roll for small bags. Bags can also be purchased at the Vernon Free Library, Vernon Treasurer’s Office, Vernon Recreation Department and Guilford Store.

Selectboard meeting, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Below is BCTV’s video of the Vernon Selectboard meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.  Click here for the agenda. Scroll down for the agenda with video timestamps. Minutes will be posted here when available.

00:00 – Call to Order, Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance

00:25 – Additions to Agenda

00:57 – Chair’s Remarks

02:04 – Guests

02:08 – Public Comments

02:14 – Reports: Treasurer

02:58 – Reports: Treasurer – Clear Choice Medical Services

11:05 – Reports: Treasurer – CDL Requirements for Town Drivers

13:08 – Reports: Highway Dept

14:55 – Reports: Treasurer – Investment of Town Funds

44:40 – Reports: – Planning Commission

45:10 – Reports: – Planning Commission (Appointment of Jessica Freeman-Earp)

46:00 – Reports: – Planning Commission (BDCC Collaboration)

54:55 – Approval of Minutes

55:55 – Bills and Warrants

56:58 – New Business: Cemetery Deeds

1:01:00 – New Business: Server Purchase

1:02:30 – New Business: Windham County Humane Society Contract

1:09:34 – New Business: Municipal Roads Grants-In-Aid Pilot

1:11:55 – New Business: VLCT Board Nominations

1:12:30 – New Business: NorthStar License Transfer

1:15:12 – New Business: Fireworks Contract

1:18:54 – Old Business: RFP for Town Attorney

1:21:53 – Old Business: Contract for Law Enforcement Services

1:24:00 – Old Business: Right to Farm Signs

1:28:45 – Old Business: Dog Ordinance

1:43:29 – Public Participation

1:43:34 – Correspondence

1:46:12 – Town Administrator’s Report

1:46:20 – Upcoming Meeting Schedule


Black Gum Swamp videos

Two new videos about Vernon’s Black Gum swamps are available via BCTV. First, here is video of the April 28 guided hike to the swamps featuring commentary by William C. “Bill” Guenther, Windham County Forester with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation; Laura Lapierre, Wetlands Program Director, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation; and
Bob Zaino, State Lands Ecologist, Barre Office. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dep’t, Wildlife Division.

And here is video of the informational hearing held on May 8 by Laura Lapierre, Wetlands Program Director, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Thanks to BCTV producer Russ Grabiec for putting these together!

Selectboard will consider updates to the town Dog Ordinance.

In response to community concerns, the Vernon Selectboard will be reviewing and revising their current Dog Ordinance over the next few months. Selectboard Chair Josh Unruh encourages public participation in the process. “We are hoping to address resident concerns and update our local ordinance to conform to state law. Toward that end we want to give the public ample opportunity to weigh in on the process and be part of the final product.”

Current regulations prohibit “Running at Large”, but there is no leash law in Vernon. Unruh says that plans do not include instituting a leash law, but public input will go a long way toward a final ordinance that will protect the health and safety of residents.

A copy of the proposed ordinance can be viewed or downloaded here or picked up at the Town Clerk’s Office.  The Vernon Selectboard meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Town Offices, located at 567 Governor Hunt Road. The public is invited to share comments at any regular meeting. Comments can also be emailed to the Town Administrator at

Selectboard meeting, June 6, 2017

Below is the video of the Selectboard meeting of June 6, 2017, as recorded by BCTV. Click here for the agenda for this meeting. Scroll down for and agenda with video time-stamps. Click here for draft minutes.

00:27 – Additions to Agenda

00:57 – Chair’s Remarks

00:59 – Guests

01:05 – Public Comments: non-Agenda Items

01:10 – Executive Session: Town Clerk

02:07 – Return to Meeting

02:19 – Department/Committee Report: Highway (Fuel Bids)

05:59 – Department/Committee Report: Highway (Relining Culvert)

09:39 – Approval of Minutes

10:15 – Treasurer’s Report: Bills and Warrants

11:40 – New Business: Hemlock Road Width

24:46 – New Business: RFP for Town Attorney

27:26 – Old Business: Contract for Law Enforcement Services

47:51 – Old Business: Right to Farm Signs

50:32 – Old Business: Dog Ordinance

1:05:10 – New Business: Fire Dept Executive Session

1:05:53 – Return to Meeting

1:06:02 – Public Participation: Agenda Items Only

1:06:08 – Correspondence

1:07:32 – Town Administrator’s Report

1:12:13 – Upcoming Meeting Schedule

1:12:32 – Adjournment

School budget passes, 211-114

In the election held May 31, the Vernon School budget was approved by a vote of 211 to 114.

The budget failed to pass in voting on Town Meeting day, and was defeated again by a single vote in a re-vote on April 13. For this third vote, the school board had made an additional budget reduction of $24,500.

A Natural Concert Band: Free concert June 22 at Vernon Recreation Area

The idea of A Natural Concert Band started percolating in the minds of Steve and Joyana Damon in Fall 2011. The couple wanted to form a group of mostly professional musicians to perform advanced wind ensemble music to summer audiences in the tri-state region. The group came to fruition in 2014, with 45 eager players performing the music of such composers as Alfred Reed, Gustav Holst, and John Williams.

Now, in the 4th year, the group returns to Vernon on Thursday June 22, at 7 p.m., at the Vernon Recreation Area. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating. No charge!

What’s new at the Town Clerk’s office

Changes have been taking place in the Vernon Town Clerk’s office. Long time Assistant Clerk Aina Lindquist has decided to retire, and her co workers, held a pot luck lunch in her honor on May 11. The town has hired Dianne Howard as the new Assistant, and she’ll be in the office 20 hours a week. Please stop in and say hello to Dianne.

The Town Clerk’s office has also embarked on an electronic records project, with the assistance of the New England Municipal Resource Center, also known as NEMRC. The goal, according to Town Clerk Tim Arsenault, is to provide electronic access to all the town’s land records. A majority of the records have been digitized over the years, but the NEMRC system has put them all into a similar format, and integrated them with our existing index. Accessing the records electronically will help preserve the tens of thousands of deeds and mortgages in the town’s  vaults which cannot be replaced, and which degrade quicker when examined by the many researchers which visit the office. The process is ongoing, and records are being scanned into the system within the office’s existing work load. The system goes live on June 1.

Flying American Flags in Vernon

The Vernon Historians, together with the Vernon Voters Alliance, received enthusiastic permission from the owners of the telephone poles in town to install and “Fly American Flags” in Vernon. Volunteers installed the flags in time to honor Memorial Day. Many of the flags and poles used for the past two years had to be discarded due to wear and damage, therefore, new flags were ordered. These are a sturdier version with spinner poles with the hope that it will help the tangling issue with the previous flags.

We hope to keep this tradition going each year., therefore, we are soliciting donations to help cover the cost. Donations can be made to the Vernon Historians, Inc., marked as “Flag Project” and mailed to: Vernon Historians, 567 Governor Hunt Road, Vernon, Vermont 05354.

We also need volunteers to help install and remove the flags each year. Please e-mail Dale Gassett, at, if you would like to volunteer.

Thank you,
Vernon Historians, Inc.
Vernon Voters Alliance