The following candidates and ballot question will appear on the ballot for the town election to be held on March 6. Asterisks (*) denote incumbents.

Select Board

  • 3 year term: *Josh Unruh
  • 2 year term: Chris Parker (The incumbent, Steve Skibniowsky, is not running for re-election)

Vernon School board

  • 3 year term: *Mike Hebert
  • 2 year term: *Sandy Morrison


  • 3 year term: *William Hammond

Delinquent Tax Collector

  • 1 year term: *Marylynn Scherlin

First Constable

  • 1 year term: *Peter Crossmon

Second Constable

  • 1 year term: *Scott Lane

Town Moderator 

  • 1 year term: *Timothy Arsenault

School Moderator

  • 1 year term: Timothy Arsenault

Town Agent

  • 1 year term: no candidates

Grand Juror

  • 1 year term: no candidates

School Budget ballot question

  • Shall the voters of the school district approve the school board to expend $5,730,650, which is the amount the school board has determined to be necessary for the ensuing fiscal year? It is determined that this proposed budget, if approved, will result in education spending of $15,300 per equalized pupil. This projected spending per equalized pupil is 8.2% lower than spending for the current year.