Selectboard meeting, Feb. 20, 2018

Here is BCTV’s video of the Selectboard meeting on Feb. 20, 2018. Scroll down for time-stamped agenda. Minutes will be posted here when available.

• 00:00:00 Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
• 00:00:30 Additions to Agenda
• 00:02:27 Approval of Minutes February 6, 2018
• 00:03:30 Treasurer’s Report/ Bill and Warrants
• 00:04:00 New Business
⁃ 00:04:20 Bylaws Zoning Changes
⁃ 00:06:22 Local Government Day update
⁃ 00:07:30 Articles for Town Meeting
⁃ 00:14:58 RFQ Planning Commission
• 00:17:30 Old Business
⁃ 00:17:35 Membership to CWAC
• 00:20:20 Executive Session – Contractual Matter
• 00:21:57 Road Inspection and Meeting Minutes January 17, 2018
• 00:23:00 Upcoming Meeting Schedule
• 00:24:57 Adjourned

About those four confusing Library articles at Town Meeting

You may have noticed, in the 2018 Town Meeting articles, that there are four Library Trustees positions to be voted on (Articles 6, 7, 8, and 9). You may be wondering what that is all about. You are not alone; several people have asked if we four (Ellen Hardy, Ruth Kibby, Janis Pereira, and Bronna Zlochiver) have all left the Board at the same time and, if so, why.
Well, we are here to answer your concerns and assure you that none of us want to leave the Library Board of Trustees; it just so happened that our terms came open at the same time this year. Here’s how that happened.
The regular three-year terms for both Janis and Bronna are up this year (March of 2018).
Ellen and Ruth were appointed by the Selectboard in 2017 to fill unexpired terms that end in March of 2019. By Vermont law, these appointments are until the next Town Meeting, at which voters will elect Trustees to fill these unexpired terms. In this case, both Ellen and Ruth want to continue serving, so they must be elected at the 2018 Town Meeting in March to fill the two unexpired terms.
All four of us want to continue serving on the Library Board of Trustees, so please vote for us at Town Meeting in March.
Thank you,
Ellen Hardy
Ruth Kibby
Janis Pereira
Bronna Zlochiver

Selectboard meeting, Feb. 6, 2018

Here is video recorded by BCTV of the Feb. 6, 2018 meeting of the Vernon Selectboard. Scroll down for time-stamped agenda. Minutes.

0:00:00 – Call to Order
0:00:26 – Additions to Agenda
0:02:54 – Approval of Minutes
0:03:32 – Public Hearing Report and Update
0;04:05 – Bills and Warrants
0:05:18 – New Business
0:05:20 – Girl Scout Cookies/Historians Food Sate
0:05:50 – Clean Water Advisory Committee
0:07:32 – Membership to VCRD
0:11:24 – Pole Lights
0:14:50 – Joint Meeting with School Board Members
0:28:40 – Correspondence
0:30:39 – Town Treasurer update
0:32:50 – Town Administrator’s Report
0:34:51 – Adjourned