Selectboard meeting, December 6, 2017

Here is video of the Selectboard meeting held December 6, 2017 as filmed by BCTV. This was a combined regular meeting and budget work session. Scroll down for time-stamped agenda. Minutes will be posted here when available.

Call to Order / Welcome / Pledge of Allegiance
00:24 – Additions to Agenda
02:37 – Chair’s Remarks
02:43 – Guests: Open Public Comments (non-Agenda Items)
02:55 – Department/Committee Reports
02:57 – Approval of Minutes
04:00 – Treasurer’s Report: Bills and Warrants
05:12 – New Business: Emergency Capital Reserve Fund Addition to Annual Report
06:12 – New Business: Town Clerk: Cemetery Deed
07:30 – New Business: Ratify / Support Testimony to Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
08:10 – New Business: Support Vernon Selectboard Testimony at January PUC Meeting
10:00 – Old Business: Property Tax Adjustment Late Filing Penalty Waiver Request
14:10 – Old Business: Reinvestment of Federal Bond
18:16 – Executive Session (Personnel)
19:22 – Return To Meeting
19:30 – Budget: Listers
20:32 – Budget: Library
33:30 – Budget: Cemetery
44:16 – Budget: Recreation Department
59:04 – Budget: Treasurer
1:28:13 – Budget: Planning Commission
1:30:48 – Budget: Seniors
1:35:45 – Budget: Highway Garage
2:02:49 – Public Participation (Agenda Items Only)
2:02:55 – Correspondence
2:03:11 – Town Administrator’s Report
2:03:15 – Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Tales from the Whithed Cemetery — Part II

Julius O. Frost

By Barbara Emery Moseley

Unlike the Polly Lee Cemetery, which has been “lost” (as described in our previous series, Stones and Bones), the Whithed Cemetery remains intact. It is located on Fort Bridgman Road (Route 142) near the intersection with Newton Road, about opposite 3413 Fort Bridgman Rd.

A pair of granite posts engraved with the name Whithed Cemetery mark its entrance. Most of the stones bear the Whithed name, including a large monument honoring Mr. Gad Whithed, who died June 24, 1850, aged 83 years. In the far corner, toward Route 142, are several stones bearing the Frost name.

Most imposing is a large polished granite monument near the entrance. Its inscription reads “Julius O. Frost, son of Jesse and Sophia Frost, died October 12, 1913, aged 73 years.” Beneath his name is inscribed “Ellen Morris Hunt Hubbard” (who was the daughter of Civil War Col. John and Leonora Hunt). The line beneath promises “gone but not forgotten.”

Therein lies a love story. “J.O.,” as he was referred to locally, was probably the richest man in Vernon; Ellen Morris Hunt Hubbard was probably the most beautiful. It was said that J.O. had a full-length portrait painted, showing her in a purple velvet gown. (more…)