Vernon business to assist international Monarch Butterfly conservation group

International monarch butterfly conservation group, Forests For Monarchs (FFM), is pleased to announce the appointment of Vermont Woods Studios founder, Peggy Farabaugh as Vice President of the Board of Directors.  

Forests For Monarchs (also known as the LaCruz Habitat Protection Project, LCHPP) is dedicated to protecting the monarch butterfly by reforesting the land surrounding Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, as well as educating local communities on sustainable forestry practices.

Vermont Woods Studios is an online retailer of handmade wood furniture. It was created in 2005 out of a concern for forest conservation. The company mission is to provide Vermont-made, sustainable furniture as an alternative to mass-produced furniture which is often made from  illegally harvested wood taken from the world’s rapidly disappearing rainforests. (more…)

Stones and Bones — The mystery of Vernon’s Vanished Cemetery, Part III

By Barbara Emery Moseley

John and Polly (Peeler) Lee’s son George Washington Lee was, like his father, an accomplished builder/carpenter. At least one example of his skill remains in town. It is the Pond Road Chapel, built on land he owned. Funds were raised by subscription, and it cost about one thousand dollars. Completed in 1860 for the then recently organized congregation of Advent Christians, its architectural style is a modified Greek Revival, popular at the time.

Pond Road was then called the South Road, or City Road, and was a narrow dirt road, as they all were, throughout the town. In that year, Vernon’s population was 725, it had seven schools, 43 dogs, two churches and one Agricultural Library, which was purchased by 21 members at a cost of $105.

The Chapel succeeded Vernon’s first meeting house, a large two-story structure located on a bluff overlooking the river (above the location of the current Town Tomb). Built for the use of the Congregationalists and Baptists, it was used for Town Meetings as well. (more…)

Selectboard meeting, August 1, 2017

Here is the Brattleboro Community Television video of the Selectboard meeting held on August 1, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. Of note: there was a presentation at this meeting by the Sheriff’s Department on the subject of burglaries, followed by discussion with residents. Scroll down for the time-stamped agenda. Click here for the draft minutes of this meeting. Click here to download a PDF of the Sheriff’s presentation.

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance

00:24 – Additions to Agenda

00:46 – Chair’s Remarks

00:59 – Open Public Comments (non-agenda items)

01:08 – Treasurer – Set Tax Rate

04:34 – Sheriff Dept – Update and Public Participation

1:08:22 – Approval of Minutes

1:10:10 – Treasurer’s Report

1:11:55 – New Business: Dept of Public safety – Advance Notice to Proceed – EOC Grant

1:12:56 – Old Business: Approval of Salvage Yard

1:27:56 – CDL Policy Change

1:29:05 – Public Participation

1:29:12 – Correspondence

1:30:23 – Town Administrator’s Report

1:31:49 – Upcoming Meeting Schedule