Burning permit info for Vernon

As we move into the traditional “burning season” of spring, Vernon residents should be aware that we have fire wardens, as follows:

  • John E. (“JJ”) Wheeldon (Fire Warden) — (802) 254-8185 OR (413 ) 896-3354
  • Jesse Jobin (Deputy Fire Warden) —(802) 698-0468

OR, if unable to reach the above, call:

  • Todd Capen (Fire Chief) — (802)  380-6214

A burning permit needs to be obtained from one of the wardens if you plan to have a fire that’s bigger in size than a normal backyard fire pit fire or barbecue. Permits will be given only for burning natural brush or branches, not construction materials, toxic items, or anything containing oils, paints or accelerants. (Other prohibited items include, but are not limited to: tires, tubes, plastics, shingles, foam rubber, oils, paints and any engineered building products.) Your fire must be attended at all times, safely extinguished, and out before dark.

Permits are free, and issued verbally. No forms, no paperwork, no fees. Just call JJ, or Jesse if you can’t reach JJ, (or Todd in a pinch) provide your name, the time and place of the burn, and ask for an OK. You can leave a message and they will get back to you. A permit will normally be given as long as conditions are not excessively dry or windy, and as long as you have the ability to keep the fire contained, and as long as the materials are limited to brush and branches. Burning permits can be obtained any time of year; there actually is no set burning season as there is in some areas.

Photo by Gord Webster, used under Creative Commons License


Sample ballot for school budget revote

The election to re-vote on the school budget takes place Thursday, April 13, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Here’s a sample ballot. Please keep in mind that the quoted 14% increase results from a state formula — an “equalized student” is not the same as an actual student, and on an actual student basis, the spending per student is reduced. An informational meeting to learn about the budget takes place on Monday, April 10th at the Vernon Elementary School, time to be announced (presumably 6 or 6:30 p.m.).

Vernon seeks contractors for cleaning, lawn care, and snow removal

The Town of Vernon has issued three Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for contracted services, each for three years, as follows:

Cleaning services for the Town Office Building — Click here for full RFP

Mowing, landscaping, lawn maintenance and leaf removal services at the Town Office Building — Click here for full RFP

Snow removal services for the sidewalks and stairways of the Town Office Building — Click here for full RFP



Vernon Planning Commission visits NDCAP

At the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel meeting on March 23, members of the Vernon Planning and Economic Development Commission testified about plans for the future of Vernon and the Vermont Yankee site. (Skip to 41:48 in this video.)

Historians Meeting April 11: Exploring the Connecticut River

On Tuesday, April 11, at the Town Office Building, downstairs, the Vernon Historians will welcome Annette Spaulding back for another interesting program about her adventures diving and exploring in the Connecticut River. Last Fall she shared her stories of searching for and finding a petroglyph on the bank of the West River across from the Marina. Now she’s coming back to tell us stories of her other discoveries that often reflect or pertain to history of the the area.

Her program will start at 7:00 p.m. following a brief business meeting of the historians at 6:30 p.m.

The public is welcome to join us! Refreshments will be served.

TRUSTEE MEETING APRIL 18TH AT 6:30 P.M. at the Town Office Building, downstairs

Vernon’s hiring: Assistant Town Clerk

The Town of Vernon is looking for an Assistant Town Clerk. This is a part-time position at 20 hours per week.

Essentials for this job: A high level of customer service skills, attention to detail, efficient time management and proficiency in Microsoft Office and Quicken, plus the ability to maintain confidentiality in all aspects of work.

Submit resume and cover letter by mail or hand deliver to:

Town Clerk
567 Governor Hunt Rd.
Vernon Vermont 05354

Or email to: Clerk@vernonvt.org

The Town of Vernon is an equal opportunity employer.

Guided walk to the Vernon Black Gum Swamps

A trio of experts will lead a guided walk to visit one or more the Black Gum Swamps in Vernon’s J. Maynard Miller Town Forest on Friday, April 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

This is an opportunity for people who may never have visited the Black Gum Swamps to see them, and for anyone interested to gain a better understanding of their ecological uniqueness and their value to the town.

Leading this excursion will be:

  • William C. “Bill” Guenther, Windham County Forester with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation
  • Laura Lapierre, Wetlands Program Director, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Bob Zaino, State Lands Ecologist, Barre Office. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dep’t, Wildlife Division


School budget revote

Following the defeat of the proposed Vernon Elementary School budget in the election of March 7, the Vernon School Board is meeting on March 27 to finalize a revised budget.

A town-wide vote on the revised budget will take place on Thursday, April 13, with polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. as usual.

The School Board will hold an informational session on the new budget on Monday, April 10th at 6 p.m. at the Vernon Elementary School.

Absentee ballot requests are now being accepted at the Town Clerk’s office, and the ballots will be mailed out after the article is finalized on March 27th. If you are not a registered voter, Vermont state law now provides for same day registration at the polls.

Vernon resident is appointed to Vermont Supreme Court

BRATTLEBORO — Gov. Phil Scott announced late Thursday morning that he has selected Windham Superior Court Judge Karen Carroll to the Vermont Supreme Court. Scott selected Carroll from a pool of eight candidates, each nominated by Vermont’s Judicial Nominating Board.

Carroll, of Vernon, will replace Justice John Dooley on the Vermont Supreme Court. Judge Dooley is set to retire on March 31.

“The Vermont Supreme Court serves a vital role in protecting our state’s Constitution, upholding our laws, ensuring fairness in our systems and the accountability of our institutions,” said Scott. “Appointing a Justice to the Vermont Supreme Court, or any court, is an important responsibility, and one I take very seriously. Among a pool of very strong and capable candidates, Judge Carroll distinguished herself based on her depth of experience, character, integrity, and — most importantly — understanding and application of the law.”  Read more at Brattleboro Reformer

Selectboard Meeting, March 21, 2017

Here is video recorded by Brattleboro Community Television of the March 21, 2017 Selectboard meeting. Scroll down for the agenda with time stamps.  Click here to view or download the agenda for this meeting. Click here to view or download minutes of this meeting.

0:00:22 – Call to Order/Pledge/Election of Officers

0:06:50 – Public Comment

0:15:43 – Treasurer’s Report

0:17:42 – Nesbitt’s Portside Tavern

0:20:10 – Increase in access permit fees at WSWMD

0:21:50 – Bill to compensate towns for tax overpayments

0:24:42 – Purchase of 3 new office computers for $4,665.75

0:26: 30 – Approve purchase of projector and screen

0:28:46 – Select board rules

0:42:08 – Lost Keys – Replace Lock to Entrance

0:44:25 – James Cusick scholarship

0:46:05 – Town Juror interest/Town Agent interest

0:49:09 – Approve RFPs for Landscape/Snow Removal/Office Cleaning

0:59:58 – Fire Dept discussion

1:02:20 Annual Financial Plan for Town & Highways

1:04:38 – Fire Dept discussion (continued)

1:05:30 – Executive Session – Fire Dept Personnel matter

1:05:51 – Correspondence

1:09:40 – Town Administrators Report

Vernon Selectboard organizational meeting, March 7, 2017

At its organizational meeting following the election on Tuesday, March 7, the Vernon Selectboard:

  • Elected Josh Unruh as its Chair
  • Elected Sandra Harris as Vice Chair
  • Elected Steven Skibniowsky as Clerk
  • Established as its meeting the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m.
  • Designated as its recording secretary Michelle Millerick
  • Elected as Fence Viewers: Michael Ball, Annette Roydon, Thomas Rappaport
  • Designated as Pound Keeper: Windham County Humane Society
  • Elected as Inspectors of Lumber, Shingles and Wood: Annette Roydon, Christiane Howe
  • Elected as Weighers of Coal: Annette Roydon, Christiane Howe
  • Elected as Tree Wardens: Roland Walker, Annette Roydon
  • Invited interested parties to submit letters of interest for election as Grand Juror and Town Agent, by March 17.

(Updated 3/8/2017 to mention the election of Sandra Harris as vice-chair.)